Brussels Bucharest Sinaia Brasov Trip
Business and Leisure Trip to Europe

Brussels Bucharest Sinaia Brasov Trip

2018, Oct 24    

KC Chng, my Co-Founder at Digix, and myself were invited to travel to the European Parliament in Brussels by our friend MEP Sorin Moisa.


  • KC was part of a European Parliament discussion panel on Blockchain technology and regulations.
  • We spent a few days in Brussels meeting with various members of the European Parliament.
  • Went to an authentic Absinthe bar in Brussels. :dizzy_face:
  • Met with Professor Bernard Nicolay at the Solvay Brussels School
  • We took a trip to the historic Waterloo Battlefields for a guided tour of the historic place where Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte’s military defeat ended his rule.
  • Flew to Bucharest, Romania where KC was again invited to be part of a discussion panel on Blockchain Regulations
  • Met with Ethereum Co-Founder Mihai Alisie, Aurel Iancu of Dokia Capital (the famous Ethereum “Mega Miner” who mined over 80% of the Ethereum blockchain in the early days)
  • Drove from Bucharest to the Carpathian Mountains for a little rest and relaxation with Sorin and met with his friend Mihai Miron (Founder of Ropharma Brasov, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Romania).
  • Spent a day on a private tour of Peles Castle in the Carpathian Mountains
  • Played a few rounds of bowling with KC and Sorin. I did well in the first few pins then totally just lost whatever skill I had in the ensuing rounds :cold_sweat: